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Our social prediction games are based on real sport events


Play with friends for prizes or just for fun.

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Embedded Battles

Prediction games right on your website within a few minutes.

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ScoreFellas Battles

ScoreFellas Battles are designed for playing prediction games in groups on leagues or teams for specific period of time.

Battle availability

Battles can be publicly available, so that anyone can join and play. Or battles can be private - only players with invitation or access code can join.

Time frame

Each battle is for specific period of time. Battle author or administrator defines this period on battle creation.


To get battle more personalized custom wallpaper and color for battle can be set as well as custom battle avatar.



Each sport has different prediction type, rules and point calculation. For instance, on basketball prediction is made on winner and handicap. For soccer exact result needs to be predicted. Upcoming events becomes predictable 14 days before the event.


Rank in the leaderboard is calculated by points gained in predictions. In leaderboards players can check how they are performing comparing to other players. For instance, there are weekly, monthly and overall battle leaderboards with various statistic.


To be more connected with other players there are discussion board available for each battle


Play with your friends, watch their predictions, follow their activities in ScoreFellas.


Each battle can provide various prizes for members. Usually there are two types of prizes - from sponsors or users collected entry fee in private battles.

Custom terms

In addition to general prediction game rules, like point calculation, each battle organizer can set own rules. Players needs to accept these rules to join the battle.

Season schedule

Schedule provides an option to oversee all battle events in a calendar form

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ScoreFellas Embedded

To get prediction games to sites visitors without leaving your site there is great option to embed battle in your site. It's free. And it is very simple and will take only few minutes of your time.

Single battle

Your visitors will be able access and play your battle in your website. It takes small portion of screen, therefore they are better to be placed right next to websites posts regarding the sport events which this battle is about.

Whole platform

To provide your sites visitors with all features of ScoreFellas prediction games you can embed whole scorefellas platform. By doing so you will let visitors to play your battles or even start their own battles - all in one place - your website.


You can enable your sites battles to be accessible via our Mobile app.

What do you get?

Time on your site

Additional interest for your visitors to return to your site on daily basis. Average session time on our battles is 7 minutes.

Space for advertisers

Since predictions are made on daily bases it's great place to promote battle sponsors or advertisers

Fun for visitors

A tool to entertain your existing visitors and attract new by providing battles and offering prizes.

Long term relationship

Communication platform for a stable and lasting relations with your audience

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